Spring 2022

Pulp 22

The sustainability issue
Isabella Bussi
The green printer: Oeding Print; Seacourt
Ten tips for sustainable printing
Case studies: Caravan & Engy Elboreini; Arce Studio; Lettera7; Sid Lee
Compasso d’Oro Award posters

Featured Materials


Pulp-coloured papers and boards made with 40% CTMP fibres, 25% pure environmentally friendly fibres, 20% recycled material and 15% cotton fibres.

Splendorlux Metal

High gloss one-side cast-coated pulp coloured boards. Light matt coating on reverse side. The cast-coated side is surface dyed with metallic pigments and a protective water-based gloss varnish. FSC® certified made with ECF pulp.


The uncoated natural papers in the Tintoretto range are made from pure ecological ECF cellulose, FSC™ certified, and felt-marked.

Freelife Merida

The range Freelife Merida includes felt-marked papers in different pulp-dyed colors, made with 55% pure environmentally friendly certified FSC™ fibres, 40% recycled fibres, and 5% cotton fibres.