Pulp Archive

Pulp is a journal of people and paper, published three times a year for customers and clients of Fedrigoni Group, global leaders in paper and self-adhesives. The magazine is produced in three editions and five languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and German) by the award-winning, UK-based team behind Eye magazine.

Pulp 26

A manifesto for Plastic to Paper
People and paper
Around the world
It’s our choice
A new leaf

Pulp 25

Blue horizon
Labels from the South
People and paper: Jiaying Han
Welcome to the new brands: Bespoke know-how
Let’s talk about clients
One green thing: Life Cycle Analysis
I’m a decoder!

Pulp 24

The beauty of understatement
Pared-back aesthetic of beauty brands
Analogue treasure house
One green thing: Think before you laminate
Black magic: Lorenz Boegli
From page to screen
TOP Award 2022 jury in Verona

Pulp 23

New Fabriano branding
Artists on paper: Michelangelo to Tom Phillips
Festival del Disegno
Fabriano today
Rebirth of a paper mill
On the streets of Fabriano
Making paper
The art of the swatch
Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano

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Pulp 22

The sustainability issue
Isabella Bussi
The green printer: Oeding Print; Seacourt
Ten tips for sustainable printing
Case studies: Caravan & Engy Elboreini; Arce Studio; Lettera7; Sid Lee
Compasso d’Oro Award posters

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Pulp 21

Fedrigoni’s new identity
Harry Pearce, Pentagram
Forma: Fedrigoni’s new corporate typeface
Core Linerless Solutions
Logos from New Zealand
Fedrigoni Top Award 2021

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Pulp 20

Digital printing: How it works: HP Indigo 10000, Fujifilm Jet Press 720S, Ricoh C7200 series
Dulwich Gin / Margaret Howell / Studio Lowrie / Mon Journal du Monde / Bottega
365 Calendar
Paper and Planet: sustainable, circular economy

Pulp 19

Paper Box
Pandemic: Posters to support healthcare workers
Graphic Thought Facility
Paper and planet: Chiara Medioli Fedrigoni, useful terms

Pulp 18

Message on a bottle
Studio Voice
Need to know: Drink labels
Fernando Gutiérrez
Stranger & Stranger
Mario Di Paolo
Case studies: Wine, Spirits, Beer
Pentagram: Berry Bros. & Rudd
Illustration for beer

Pulp 17

Irma Boom
Silvana Amato
Minchaya Chayosumrit
Graphic Days Torino
Case Studies: Thonik, Cachetejack, High on Type, Olivier Kugler, Studio Feixen

Pulp 16

Mirko Borsche
Clase BCN
David Gentleman & Fabriano
Fedrigoni Top Award

Pulp 15

Juan Mantilla & Kiko
Caz Hildebrand: Here Design
Richard Mosse: The Castle
Oli Bentley: These Northern Types
Esterson Associates: Clay

Pulp 14

The Salce Collection: Italian advertising posters
Award-winning Tela catalogue
Cristina Dondi: Printing R-Evolution
What Monster: horror fanzine
Inaria: Blohm+Voss catalogue
Bürocratik: theatre brochure
Élodie Boyer

Pulp 13

Ginette Caron
Salone del Mobile
Morag Myerscough; Michele De Lucchi
Ottone Studio: VeniceM catalogue
Fabriano in Africa
Fabriano Notebooks

Pulp 12

Studio Mut
Steven Guarnaccia
Split: The Leaf Label
Tres Tipos Gráficos
Construct: Herzog & de Meuron brochure

Pulp 11

Daniel Kramer: Book of Bob
Italian cooperative CAST
Marcel Wanders
Business cards
Fedrigoni: Label Lab
Pablo Martín
Andy Giddings
Xavier Bas

Pulp 10

Salone del Mobile
Leonardo Sonnoli
Atrois Studio
Think Work Observe

Pulp 09

Giambattista Bodoni
Mid-century design
Bodoni in New York
Bodoni Today
Jake Tilson; Venice’s stencilled street signs

Pulp 08

La Tigre: infographics
Aldus Manutius exhibition
Product packaging
Boxes in Boxes
Atelier Tout va bien
Oldřich Hlavsa

Pulp 07

Unit Editions
Stinsensqueeze: Lanvin
Coffee Houses of Wellington
Ping Pong
Signs of Italy: Outdoor Lettering Up and Down the Boot
Carter Wong
Di Martino

Pulp 06

Giulia Garbin
Giancarlo Iliprandi
Alan Kitching
The Gourmand & Monotype
Rose English
Your Type Studio

Pulp 05

Studio deValence
Lora Lamm
Emanuele Ricci: Spillo
Mother magazine

Pulp 04

Brighten the Corners & Anish Kapoor
Nick Ballon
SB Studio
Matt Appleton
John Alcorn
Sánchez / Lacasta & El Greco
Jean-Marie Ghislain
Micha Weidmann
Atelier Valmy

Pulp 03

Kin Design: Mini Bodem
Alessandro Corubolo
Cavalieri & Amoretti
Christian Dior
Paul van Mameren, Lecturis
The blackest black paper

Pulp 02

Richard Mosse
Luxury & Brands
Gérard Uféras & Dior
Nicolas Le Moigne, ECAL
Xavier Bas
Luxury & Paper
Johanna Agerman Ross
Craig and Karl
The Shelf

Pulp 01

Bryan Edmondson, SEA
Digital print case studies
Paper for digital printing
Rino Maccaccaro
Golden Meaning
Beppe Giacobbe
Italo Lupi