Pulp 26

A manifesto for Plastic to Paper
People and paper
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It’s our choice
A new leaf

Featured Materials


Environmentally-friendly ECF papers and boards FSC® certified. The special soft touch finish on the surface allows a pleasant effect and high printing performances. The 120 gsm is only one-side treated. Also available in self-adhesive version.


Uncoated papers and boards made with E.C.F. pulp, certify FSC®. Felt marked on both sides. Substances over 240 gsm are multi-ply laminated in the formation stage. Available in three shades: Bianco, Avorio and Camoscio. Also available in self-adhesive version.

Sirio Color

An extensive range of pulp-dyed uncoated papers and boards with light-fast colours, available in weights ranging from 80 to 700 gsm. Pure ECF and FSC® certified.


The uncoated natural papers in the Tintoretto range are made from pure ecological ECF cellulose, FSC™ certified, and felt-marked. Also available in self-adhesive version.

Old Mill

Old Mill is a range of uncoated papers and boards made with FSC certified, environment-friendly ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) pulp, felt-marked on both sides.


An innovative self-adhesive range where the siliconized backing of the label, usually discarded, is upcycled, becoming an integral part of the facestock. Uncoated, embossed, pearlescent and neck label versions available.