Materials Index

Fedrigoni is a global company that produces special papers for packaging, publishing and graphics, and premium solutions for the world of labels and other self-adhesive materials.


Uncoated papers and boards made with E.C.F. pulp, certify FSC®. Felt marked on both sides. Substances over 240 gsm are multi-ply laminated in the formation stage. Available in three shades: Bianco, Avorio and Camoscio. Also available in self-adhesive version.


The Arena range is available in four shades: a bright Ivory, on OBA-free Natural, a warm White and a cool Extra White in a wide choice of sheet sizes, grain directions and grammages. Arena is available in three finishes: Smooth, Rough and Bulk. Also available in self-adhesive sheet version.

Century Cotton Laid

Soft and refined wood-free laid and watermarked paper with 75% woodfree ECF pulp and 25% cotton content, FSC® certified. Versions available with watermark.

Constellation Jade

Woodfree papers and boards, FSC® certified, made with ECF pulp. Special pearlescent finishing, one side off-machine embossed. Also available in self-adhesive version.

Constellation Snow

High white uncoated papers and boards, embossed, made from pure ECF cellulose, FSC® certified and high strength. Also available in self-adhesive version.


The Cotone range includes treefree papers with a precious felt-marked texture a different nuances including black pulp-dyed versions, which make it one of the must-have self-adhesive papers preferred by label designers all over the world.

Freelife Merida

The range Freelife Merida includes felt-marked papers in different pulp-dyed colors, made with 55% pure environmentally friendly certified FSC™ fibres, 40% recycled fibres, and 5% cotton fibres. Also available in self-adhesive version.


Embossed papers made of woodfree, high-strength FSC® certified pulp; solid light-fast colours and surface-coated with anti-fingermark treatment. High abrasion resistance, with excellent tear and folding strength.


Environmentally-friendly ECF papers and boards FSC® certified. The special soft touch finish on the surface allows a pleasant effect and high printing performances. The 120 gsm is only one-side treated. Also available in self-adhesive version.


Pulp-coloured papers and boards made with 40% CTMP fibres, 25% pure environmentally friendly fibres, 20% recycled material and 15% cotton fibres. Also available in self-adhesive version.


Natural felt-textured self-adhesive paper in white and ivory shades. This range adapts perfectly to every need with different versions available like greaseproof, barrier, 100% recycled, and neck label solutions.


Papers and boards FSC® certified, made with environment-friendly ECF pulp. Uncoated and felt-marked on both sides and pulp-dyed with light-fast colours.

Old Mill

Old Mill is a range of uncoated papers and boards made with FSC certified, environment-friendly ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) pulp, felt-marked on both sides.


An innovative self-adhesive range where the siliconized backing of the label, usually discarded, is upcycled, becoming an integral part of the facestock. Uncoated, embossed, pearlescent and neck label versions available.

Sirio Color

An extensive range of pulp-dyed uncoated papers and boards with light-fast colours, available in weights ranging from 80 to 700 gsm. Pure ECF and FSC® certified.

Sirio Pearl

Sirio is a line of natural papers and cardboard with highly lightfast pigments. For packaging; for prints: Sirio Pearl, Sirio Pearl Blend and Sirio Pearl Mèrida. Also available in self-adhesive version.


One-side Cast Coated boards high gloss and whiteness. FSC® certified and made with ECF pulp. Light matt coating on reverse side.

Splendorlux Metal

High gloss one-side cast-coated pulp coloured boards. Light matt coating on reverse side. The cast-coated side is surface dyed with metallic pigments and a protective water-based gloss varnish. FSC® certified made with ECF pulp.

Symbol Tatami

Coated papers and boards made with environment-friendly ECF pure cellulose, FSC® certified, high bulk, white and ivory colour, coated on both sides with matt finishing.


The uncoated natural papers in the Tintoretto range are made from pure ecological ECF cellulose, FSC™ certified, and felt-marked. Also available in self-adhesive version.


Uncoated self-adhesive paper produced with FSC™ certified elemental chlorine free (ECF) pulp. It is treated on both sides with a special waterproof coating technology that prevents deformation, wrinkles and bubbles. Waterproof White preserves the initial label opacity and integrity without the addition of any protective film even after enduring extreme temperature changes and ice bucket immersion for up to 24 hours.


Recycled uncoated papers and boards with 80% pre-consumer recycled waste and 20% FSC certified virgin fibre, pulp coloured. Also available in self-adhesive version.